Keep your summer dresses

As the weather changes to cooler temperatures—is your wardrobe keeping up? It’s not necessary to go out and buy all new clothes for the fall or drag all your warmer weather clothes out of storage just yet. A few simple closet staples make the transition from summer to fall easy.

You can keep looking flirty and cute in those summer dresses by adding a blazer or cardigan. A pair of tights can also help to keep you warm and stylish at the same time. Maxi dresses that were worn by the pool are also great for fall. They’re long and flowing and perfect for a fall get together.

Let your legs show
Just because summer is gone doesn’t mean your legs must be banished under layers. Acknowledge changing temperatures by wearing heavier knit skirts, a blazer or some dark booties but let your legs show.

Invest in a statement jacket. A great blazer, cargo jacket, bomber jacket or motorcycle jacket can be thrown over any summer outfit to produce a relaxed fall look. Brown or tan leather is a perfect match for jeans. If a jacket seems too warm, add a light scarf instead. Something light and flowy can add personality to an outfit and also fits the season perfectly. Be careful when you do layer to not overdo it. Layers of jewelry, a nice jacket and a scarf are all great fall looks but may not be appropriate all at once.

Add deeper colors
Bring out the colors of fall like red, orange and mustard yellow. Ignore the “rules” you’ve heard in the past and don’t fear pairing dark colors with white after Labor Day.
Overall, allow yourself some fashion freedom during this transition period. Mix and match looks from both seasons to get the most out of your favorite pieces. If you’re worried your favorite statement jacket isn’t ready for fall, we can help! Bring it in for a cleaning and you’ll be good to go in no time.