Care of Wedding Clothes

Wedding season is coming to a close and if you’ve recently tied the knot there are some things you need to know about storing that gorgeous dress.
Wedding dress preservation uses special cleaning and packaging techniques to ensure your gown retains its beauty. Proper preservation keeps pests away, the color as clear and beautiful as the day you first wore it, and any beads or sequins from snagging.

Don’t wait too long to get your dress preserved. It’s important to get your dress in for a cleaning quickly so the sweat and oils from your skin don’t have a chance to settle. Bring your dress into us and allow us to inspect the dress in person to give you the best and most accurate quote. We use different processes for different fabrics and we want to ensure that the results we are going to give you are exactly what you want. We’re happy to take a look at the dress even before you wear it so we’re prepared for you to drop it off right after the wedding day.
The packaging is the most important part of the process. All storage materials should be acid free and keep the dress from creasing. At Superior we press the dress and place it carefully in a keepsake box. Boxes are best for wedding dresses to keep them from getting a musty smell and to keep them from getting misshaped from hangers. Our boxes also protect the dress from sunlight, moisture and insects. Once the box is sealed, remember to be careful if you decide to handle the dress again. Wash your hands before you touch it and remember that handling it too much can cause damage.
Keep in mind that prices for preserving dresses do vary based on the fabric and the amount of detail in the dress. Beads and sequins require extra care and that can add to the end price. Bring your dress to Superior and we’ll be sure to keep your once-in-a-lifetime dress looking perfect for many years to come.