Superior Cleaners is a family-owned and operated dry cleaning business that has been in operation since 1993. We currently have 26 employees and do business in SC and NC. Our core business is dry cleaning with three divisions: retail, routes and insurance restoration.

We have built our company with great employees and have invested in state of the art machinery. One of the most expensive pieces of equipment is in the dry cleaning industry is a dry cleaning machine. A typical cleaner has one; we have three. Our dry cleaning machines use two different fluids and are set up in three different ways. This allows us to handle any variety of garments with the best possible cleaning method. All of our dry cleaning machines not only filter the fluid, they also distill every load. This ensures the purest solvent possible resulting in fresh and clean smelling garments.

We are also one of the few dry cleaners in the state that use bar codes to keep track of your garments. This works with our computerized automated assembly system and bagging machine. This ensures that you receive ALL your clothes back and on time!

As a result of our investment in the best equipment and technology, and our commitment to quality, we have been awarded a Sanitone Master Dry Cleaner Certificate. An award that recognized us as one of the best cleaners and allows us to use the best products and soaps exclusively in our area.

Another distinction is a Certified Restoration Dry Cleaning Network franchise. A nationwide restoration network of the best dry cleaners that are highly trained in garment restoration for the insurance industry. This training enables us to clean and restore garments to their pre-loss condition that have been negatively affected by fire and other disasters.

As you can see, we are not your typical dry cleaner. We have made a commitment to the best equipment, technology, and training that is available. The result is a quality product for our valued customers!

Chuck Bauknight