The Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network (CRDN) is an international organization of textile restoration specialists serving the insurance industry, contractors/contents cleaning companies and property owners.

Superior Dry Cleaners is a member of CRDN Network

CRDN’s experienced, highly trained textile cleaners specialize in insurance restoration laundry and drycleaning services for all types of loss. Adept at restoring garments and textiles damaged by fire, smoke, water or exposure to mold and other contaminants, CRDN members like Esteem Cleaners offer an effective, efficient and proven solution for insurance professionals seeking to reduce costs and improve margins while closing claims quickly. CRDN currently operates in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.


  • On-call 24/7, with "rush" service for items needed within 48 hours.
  • Quick processing of wet items (preventing dye migration and mold growth) for a better restoration success rate.
  • Expeditious removal of fabric items allows contractors and contents cleaning companies to begin as soon as possible.


  • Experienced, premier drycleaners, highly trained in the latest processes for restoring fabric items damaged by fire, smoke, water or exposure to mold and other contaminants.
  • Adept at handling a wide range of specialty items, including window treatments (blinds, drapes, sheers, custom cornice boards, etc.), shoes, purses, hats, belts, leathers, furs and pillows, as well as medical garments, uniforms, tapestries, vestments, linens and more.
  • Secure storage facilities to handle the largest jobs.

Proven Results

  • Clothing, textiles and other fabric items comprise the fastest growing and largest segment on insurance claims.
  • Valuable alternative to replacement, as we save more than 95% of the items we clean.
  • Restoration costs an average of only 16% compared to replacement, a savings of 84% .
  • Guarantee: If an item doesn't restore, it's free.
  • In situations where the loss involves a commercial site or warehouse with a large quantity of goods, CRDN's restoration capabilities create a viable and valuable salvageability option for insurers.